Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Other Blog

After 1/3 of a year, I'm running out of steam.

I'm updating my other blog, bycurtis.blogspot.com semi-frequently.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blog of Evolutionary Dead Ends

The Insular Cave Rat -- Way to die out, loser!
Gastrocopta chichijimana -- A snail or something. What the hell was nature thinking?
Paleomastadon -- Sucked. Died.
White-winged Sandpiper -- Good job screwing up, evolution.
Mustela lutreola (European Mink) -- This thing is not only dead, it became extinct in the Netherlands. Pathetic.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Blog of Corporate Herstory

  • Hershey's chocolate was invented by a man, but with support of many women. None of them have been included in the "official" version of the Hershey's corporate history, but they're there.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blog of Reasons that Girl, What Are You Thinking?

  • C'mon, just look at him.
  • NO. Just no.
  • You are NOT wearing that skirt.
  • What? WHAT? Are you joking? Is this some sort of joke?
  • He. Is. A. Player.
  • Please.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Blog of People Who Have Walked Into My Office, Looking Like Trouble.

Every day this blog will post about one person who walked into my office, looking like a big tall glass of trouble. Not that I wouldn't help, of course, but sometimes you just get that gut instinct. This time, that instinct was a 270 pound pug hitting me in the stomach, telling me "Hey kid, this here's trouble."

  • This tall leggy dame. You know the kind. Pouty lips and soft, caring eyes. Both lied, but what a lie.
  • Little squirrely guy. Big, thick glasses that didn't help him see that his socks were mismatched. But I didn't need glasses to see that trouble was following him around as surely as a dog follows the hot dog man.
  • Tall sucker. Not from around here. His jacket barely hit his waist, and I barely avoided hitting him square in the jaw, simply for having the audacity to come into my office, trailing so much g-d d--n trouble.
  • Cripes. Of all the days, why today? I had sworn to myself that if one more robot walked through the door, I'd become a nun and move down to San Miguel. Look like I need to go shopping for a habit.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Daily Blog of Automated Suggestions

  • If you like this blog, you may also like buttons.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like the internet.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like automated suggestions.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like fortune cookies.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like descriptive 19th century British novels about the gentry.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like the sun.
  • If you like this blog, you may also like mazes for children.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Blog of Blogs Names the Thing of Things.

  • Keyboard of Keyboards: The 1912 Royal No. 5 Typewriter
  • Soda of Sodas: CoolMint Pop (made in Kentucky from 1979 to 1982)
  • Comb of Combs: That black one, with the pointy things.
  • Element of Elements: Hydrogen.
  • Life-Sustaining Planet of Life-Sustaining Planets: Earth.
  • Bullet Point of Bullet Points: The one just to the left here. You know, the little circle.
  • Sarcastic Rejoinder of Sarcastic Rejoinders: "Oh, yeah?"
  • Die of Dice: White, with black dots. (non-fuzzy)